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An important aspect of ABA North America’s industrial environment is the import and export of manufactured goods. Delaware acts as a gateway for the seamless international trade of a variety of fabricated items, including machinery parts, industrial structures, and specialized equipment, by utilizing its advantageous coastal location. This vibrant trade environment supports global collaborations in the manufacturing and construction industries while also advancing regional economic growth.



The skillful manufacturing of diverse items, such as machinery parts, industrial products, and specialized equipment, with the intention of delivering them to international markets, constitutes the fabrication of materials for export. To guarantee that the materials are exported in compliance with international standards and promote trade, economic growth, and international cooperation, this procedure includes thorough design, exact manufacture, and quality assurance.



ABA International Inc is a specialized company in sourcing and procurement of Industrial Equipment, Instruments, Piping products and consumables for the Oil and Gas industry. We strive to keep our customers in the comfort realm by sourcing, procuring and supplying the items fully compliant with technical requirements and in the shortest time. We are a registered vendor of major oil and gas clients in Qatar and in particular, we are classified by prominent clients as one of their preferred supplier for the critical requirements of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and HSE products.

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