ABA International was founded in the year 2021 as a specialized company in engineering and equipment manufacturing process strainers, stream traps, flange, fittings, fluid bed calciners, catalyst activators, and an array of of other products. .

Our full line of offerings for the oil and gas industry include API/ ANSI/ ISO/ UL standard pumps, industrial valves, advanced monitoring and control systems, laboratory and industrial analyzer, pressure sets, and UV systems

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As a new venture in the US, we see ourselves as one of competitors in the import/ export and fabrication industry. We understand our customers’ needs and will work hard to provide innovative, creative, and low cost solutions. We accomplish this by establishing long term relationships with many manufacturers who share our same philosophy of quality services.



We can bring a world wider sourcing of our clients’ needs. Our associate companies are located in India, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, United Kingdom, and South Korea to source and procure all project/ daily requirements. Currently, our list of principals include:

  • Budenberg, UK (Instrumentation Valves & Gauges
  • Knick, Germany (Interface Technology, Sensors, Calibration Systems, Portables)
  • Enotec, Germany (Gas Analyzers, Oxygen Analyzers, H20 Analyzers
  • Buhler, Germany (Sample Gas Probes, Coolers, Filters, Pump, Flow Meter, NOx Converter, Conditioning System)
  • Badotherm, Holland (Valves & Gauges)
  • KNF, Germany (Laboratory Pumps & System)
  • ThermoElectra, Netherlands (RTD, Thermocouple, Temperature Sensor)
  • Parker Hannifin, Netherlands (Accumulators, Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Pumps & Filters)
  • Flux Gerate GmbH, Germany (Pumps


Brands we deal with includes, but not limited to:

  • 3M
  • Facom
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Megger
  • Net Gear
  • Cottam
  • Beta
  • Dewalt¬†
  • and many others…

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